How to get a Six Pack

I live a very busy lifestyle, and I got a six pack while keeping up with the hectic lifestyle. This website is basically a show case of how to get six pack abs in less than 1 month!

Going from no pack to 6 pack in 24 days

Going from no pack to 6 pack in 24 days

I started this plan right before I turned 30. Read more about me & why I did this.

I got the six pack exercise and diet plan made for me, by Fitho weight loss diet.

See how I started on day 1 to start my challenge, all the way to day-24 when I got the six pack. The challenges I faced, internal and external.

The six pack abs diet that I followed, along with the six pack exercise plan!
Note: There were no crazy supplements or insane number of crunches in my plan.

This website has been covered my leading newspapers & magazines, including Men’s Health!


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