Six Pack Diet

Basic Diet Plan
Always start the day with 1 litre of water.
Breakfast was smoothie (1 cup low fat yoghurt/milk, 1 scoop whey, 1 fruit- papaya, banana, cinnamon) or scrambled eggs (6 whites, 2 yolks, 1 tsp olive oil). 6-8 almonds daily.
Mid morning: green tea/black tea/coffee, without sugar
Lunch was always light: bowl of sauteed sprouts & a fruit | sauteed veggies
Evening/Pre workout: green tea/black tea/coffee, without sugar
Dinner/Post Workout: Sauteed veggies and grilled chicken/fish | chicken salad or tuna salad with 1 tsp mayo & mustard | big bowl of home cooked veggies/chicken with 1 cup dal/yoghurt | chicken/fish kebabs with lots of lime juice and raw onions.

With breakfast: Fish oil capsules & Vitamin B

Diet Rules
Total calorie target was 1500-1600 calories (about 22 calories per kg of body weight at 12% body fat)
Did not obsess about eating every few hours. Ate 3 meals, and no snacks.
If I ate too much at one meal, would compensate at the next, to manage overall calorie intake
One cheat meal a week, preferably at lunch.
Keep carb sources limited to fruits and vegetables.
Indulge only where you must. My indulgence was chocolates, or when its unavoidable at social functions.
Eat low fat meal after workout
Eat foods high in nutrition always- whether its protein, healthy carbs, vitamins, minerals.
Eat foods in as natural a form as possible. The more processed the food, the higher its content of preservatives (sugar, sodium) and higher its GI and lower its nutrition content
Dont limit sodium intake drastically. Eat regular foods, just avoid highly salty foods like pickles, chips, etc
Avoid high GI foods

Also, one more diet rule: Stay off the alcohol when trying to lose fat. Drink lots of fresh lime soda at parties, if you need a glass to hold in your hand


    I m jain vegetarian, Can you give me suggest whole day routing diet plan, my weight is 89kg

    • admin

      Yatin, please contact the Fitho team. They helped me do it…